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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Irving Baby Sweet Sixteen Exhibition

sixteen sweeties - this was the dress I made
The beautiful Luny Potter modeling my dress

Artist and Model

This night was divine... so so sweet. Beautiful models, talented artists, cupcakes, champagne, peeps and lovers... 

Irving Baby Sweet Sixteen Exhibition

Irving Baby

Saturday, October 11, 2008

ShE Wanted FLowers

Behind Closed Doors
Tale Of A Heart [uplifted] (back)
Tale Of A Heart [uplifted](front)
Skeletons [Part ii]
Pop Culture
Searching Maternal
Town Bike
The Seeker

Married Communication
Decisions On A Starry Night
She Wanted Flowers
Deer Stripes
Mouse 01
Mouse 02

These are snippets from my first exhibition... held at the Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide, for the 2008 SALA Festival.

Insanely pretty things

These are the things that make me see what to create. These are the things that make me act like a 'faffy artist', the things that cause me to stare off into space... This is what I see when I move through my days.

The easel is outside today in the sunshine. I'm trying to find the painter again after a lapsed winter...