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Monday, December 1, 2014

Finding Pieces

 When I make the work, it is all consuming but something happens to it after time passes and it is no longer a focus on my mind or my walls.

These three were part of a sixteen part series, inspired by a song lyric: " body knows, where is it she goes, when those sad eyes close..." by Ingrid Michaelson.

I found myself wondering where she did go and so the series of pictures take you inside her closed eyes and through her journey. I'll try to find more to complete the series on here..

Heavy burdens

This was a symbolic piece I created for a solo exhibition a few years ago for Fringe.

It's larger scale than my usual work, ink and watercolour on A2 parchment.

She's made up of patchwork (I've always felt an affiliation with Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas) and she's pulling the load of an ox while treading on egg shells - an impossible task.

A print of this work is available at my etsy store: