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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Schaffas fun

Only Lonely Live One Left
Due to a lack of human commitment to smell the roses, each one petrified to little notice by human existence. Rosie, bless her heart, evolved in a fierce, desperate attempt to maintain the
existence of her species.
With over 100 artists worldwide contributing to this event, the opening night was festive and fantastic... (although I did feel slightly like I'd taken my two children into a mosh pit...)! I love opportunities to participate in something like this as I don't consider myself to be someone who can easily dabble with 3D mediums, but I loved the process of moudling with my hands and not just inks and paints. Have a look at the talent. It's quite ridiculous...
Congratulations to Chris and Sam who have vision to BURN.

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raindog said...

nice j - i like it

Dunc xxx