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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making things from Art

Time has done it's thing and come around so fast and "A Handbook For Girls" Exhibition is almost coming to a close. (Nov 28th she comes down).

It's been my favourite exhibiting experience so far as it has given me the opportunity not only for immense personal satisfaction and achievement, but also the chance to meet and reunite with some like-minded and exceptional people.

I promised myself I would slow down and re-group after the show was up, but in true Joelie style, that hasn't happened... Instead I jumped onto the wagon rather than off and created a line of products that coincide with the exhibition work.

I've made many things in the past but this is the first range I've produced that I'm actually attracted to and would seek out to purchase for my own personal use...To me, that means I've hit the mark!

So take a look at what products I've made from my art and bare in mind that it's just the start... I'll be TRYING To take a hiatus from exhibiting for a while to focus more on producing prints and products. Keeping art accessible and able to be loved and handled, not just admired.

I'd like to see tatty pages and ink stains on these journals:

Skulls by her feet {oh so sweet}
Swinging Girl

Journal backs

Journal Packaging

 Journal Specs:
48 pages
Mondi White colourcopy 100gsm
Enviro Board 100% Recycled covers
Lead Pencil w eraser

And to carry them in...

Skulls by her feet {oh so sweet}

Journal & Bag

 Bag Specs:
 Screen Printed by hand with Indigo or Sepia Ink (Sepia not shown)
 Size: 200x295mm (quite perfect for sunglasses, a novel and an ipod for a sit in the park...)

Greeting Card Range and Matchbox Tags:
All The Designs

Card Packaging Front

Card Packaging Back

8 Designs of Matchbox Tags - Each box containing 4 different illustrated tags.  Each cover a notable quote.

Front and Back

One of the Designs

All of the Designs

So there we have it. I'll sleep one day...

Products (in their various forms) are available at the following outlets:
And VERY soon to be on Etsy... (I'll keep you posted)

Oh, and a good friend Mr. J Brown was kind enough to take photos of the opening night for me which I'll pop up here as soon as they're on my hot little hard drive. And photos of the exhibition on the walls of course.

New Logos too....

Thank you for your lovely love xoxox


Peter Fong said...

Very cool. I like your journal ones I think you should make one for males. Hope it all goes well!


Joelie Croser said...

Very good point Peter... Thank you for your feedback. It's hard to find things alternative stationary for guys.