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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Almost finished, but so inspired...

I've been working on this lady for a while now... Probably cause there's only monotonous bits left to do. Now that she has no place in the closest exhibition (octopi not really being relevant to an Orchard) I'll come back to her when I'm not drawing my hand off!

"Octolady" (210x297) Ink on paper

I had an incredible discussion with an almost 90 year old woman, who although I met only semi-recently, has quickly become a very special part of my inner circle... She and I have conversations about parenting, animals, art, lifestyles... You'd never guess the 60 year age/social gap. It's quite awe inspiring really.
After an intense drawing day recently, I took her my book to show her what I'd been doing.
She asked me what other ladies were going to be in this series...(I guess its obvious I'm a sucker for the storylines that go with a series). I said I hadn't really thought about it yet, which led to a most beautiful discussion about the intricate beauty and fluidity in things we don't generally see as being beautiful... So what's to potentially come are Lobsters, Angel fish, Spiders, Scorpions.... you get the idea.
(I love it here...)

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