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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

to paint or not to paint...?

I've NEVER used the computer to contribute to any part of my illustrations. This is neither a good or bad thing to me. I like to feel chalky pastels on my hands and mix the water/paint content in a hit and miss manner and be amazed with the results. It's like flying without substantial wings.
However, I have in my life someone who I tend to love listening to a fair bit... Who's ideas are so vastly different from mine, sometimes purely based on practicality or sensibility! Who'd have ever thought! So when I pondered out loud to this man about my predicament of whether or not to colour this lady, he said: "Well surely you'd just scan it in with the scanner you have connected to the computer you have in front of you and test it out in Photoshop to see what you want to do with it."
My reaction? "Oh my god, thats brilliant!"
He went to leave the room, then stopped rather abruptly and said to me..."Oh, you're being serious aren't you! you really hadn't thought of that? It was so obvious I thought you were being sarcastic..."

Can I just point out this person isn't an artist... But I thank him all the same...

So... the result? I still don't know if she's going to have colour or not, but at least its in file format, not grubby, colourful fingers on the actual page...

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