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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finding out what I Love...

I recently made a conscious decision to make a mental (or otherwise) note of the things I love. The things that inspire me - either through beauty or repulsion, intrigue or familiarity.
It seems the happier I am, the darker my art can take me...

Here is a glimpse at the process for some of the pieces I'll be exhibiting as part of Frauleins Orchard.

 "Lady She Enters" (210x297 ink on paper)
She is the first in a series of five... Each character introduced has an 'ailment'... something from the earth living or growing from them.

"Flowers and Bees" (210x297 ink on paper)
This is the second piece - Its from the other side of the door from above.
(That bee hive took me close to 3 hours... and there may be some hidden treasures amongst the flowers...)

"Penny" (210x297 ink on paper)
She is the third piece - I feel a bit strange about this one. I've never modeled an illustrated face on an actual face before, but I felt like this one wanted it. So I asked for an appropriate photo to be taken of me to draw it from - at first not for the face, but more just for the positioning of the arms and hands. As I got round  to her face I thought I'd keep looking at the photo... So out came my face.
Or so I thought it did... now when I look at her all I can see is Madonna...

"Eagle in the Sky" (210x297 ink on paper)
She is part four...She's the darkest, the strongest, the most beautiful... She has her place within the Orchard to maintain balance. Nothing can be all pretty and clean, blooming and full of life...She is the balance. (she is my favourite)

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Ruby said...

fantastic! xx