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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Drawing my head off...

Coming up on June 2nd (which is far few days for me to care to count) is the opening of Frauleins Orchard at Urban Cow Studio.
This is the part two of what was last year Frauleins Playthings.

 So, I've been drawing my head off... each piece is taking somewhere between 6 to 36 hours...
Ramble down an orchard lane
Climb a ladder in the dappled shade.
Pluck sweet fruit for jam, then
Lie back on lawn and listen to the leaves

fräuleins orchard

Opening night, Wednesday June 3rd, 6pm
Urban Cow Gallery, 11 Frome Street, Adelaide
Exhibition runs until June 28th

After a hugeley successful first show, fräuleins playthings, the girls are back. Individually the girls handiwork has graced the pages of magazines such as frankie, Sumptuous, InsideOut, Attitude, featured in a number of exhibitions around the country as well taking pride of place on the necks, blouses, in the hands of and on the walls of sassy ladies around Australia.

A concept born from nuturing talented young female creatives in Adelaide, Urban Cow Studio presents a harvest of works from these eight nature-loving artists and designers. Working in the heirloom varieties of painting, illustration and jewellery, this collective continues to nurture one another’s ideas, cultivating a creativity that promises to blossom into a rare display of colour and beauty. The artistic fruits of the Fräuleins are ripe for the picking.


Clockwise from top left: Georgia Gabrielle Jewellery, Naomi Murrell Jewellery/Illustration, Elisa Mazzone Illustration, Katrina Weber Jewellery/Textiles, Anna Creasy  Illustration, Ruby Chew Mixed MediaPeta Alannah Chigwidden Painting, Joelie Croser Illustration

For more information contact Elisa at
High resolution images available upon request.

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